Universities & Colleges in Sudan

Bayan College for Science & TechnologyKhartoumHomepage
Canadian College – SudanKhartoumHomepage
El-Neelain UniversityKhartoumHomepage
High Institute for Banking & Financial StudiesKhartoumHomepage
International University of Africa (IUA)KhartoumHomepage
National Ribat UniversityKhartoumHomepage
Nile Valley UniversityHomepage
Omdurman Ahlia UniversityOmdurmanHomepage
Omdurman Islamic UniversityOmdurmanHomepage
Sudan Academy of SciencesHomepage
Sudan University for Science and TechnologyHomepage
University of GadarifGadarifHomepage
University of GeziraGeziraHomepage
University of JubaJubaHomepage
University of KhartoumKhartoumHomepage
University of KordofanKordofanHomepage
Upper Nile UniversityHomepage